Firefox for iOS Adds Tracking Protection By Default

Mozilla first added tracking protection to its iOS browser in September of 2017. The tracker blocking was automatic with Private Browsing mode, but was an option in normal browsing. Firefox’s latest update enables the tracker protection by default.

This change is big for Firefox because it makes it more private by default. While many Firefox users know how to switch the feature on, not all do–leaving them unknowingly vulnerable. Companies like Facebook and Google have continuously improved their tracking capabilities to gather tons of information about internet users. This addition to Firefox iOS will help combat the large-scale data collection of big search engines and other websites.

Another benefit to the tracker blocking is a faster browsing experience. Tracking scripts running on websites cause slower load times and increased data use for mobile users.

You can install the latest version of Firefox for iOS in the App Store.

mozilla capture

Mozilla’s Other Privacy Features

Mozilla is an advocate for an internet that truly benefits users with an empowered, safe and independent experience. The company is a non-profit that prioritizes people over profit.

Another useful tool that Mozilla offers is its Facebook Container Extension. It works by isolating your internet identity into a single container tab, which makes it more difficult for Facebook to track you off of its site.

Browser extensions like this one, are a good way to protect your privacy on the internet. Read about our favorite private browsing extensions here.