How Does Search Encrypt Work?

Improving and Growing Our Private Search Engine

Our search engine has changed a lot in the past year. We’ve made more improvements recently that will help you find exactly what you’re looking for online. Look for more changes coming in the future to improve our search engine’s privacy and usability. Our latest change is to our video feed. Let us know what you think!

Enhanced Video Results

We recently updated our video feed to let you watch videos directly on Search Encrypt. Simply type your search term and click the video you’d like to watch. Our new video feature adds privacy protection to your video viewing sessions. Rather than having to visit a video provider that may track you on their site, you can browse videos directly from our search engine. Another advantage is when watching on Search Encrypt, you won’t have to wait through ads before the video will play.

Search Encrypt‘s video search allows you to watch videos from multiple video hosts (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) all in one place.

Other Improvements to Search Encrypt

Along with our video search improvements, we’re also working on our main search results page to enhance usability and quality of results. In 2018, we’re looking to add to our privacy features and provide better results for your search terms. Unfortunately there is a misconception that for a product to offer privacy, it must give up user-friendly interfaces. We believe we can offer both in a safe and easy to use search engine.


Search Encrypt is Growing Quickly!

According to Alexa Traffic Ranks, Search Encrypt is now in the top 1000 websites in the world. As privacy awareness spreads, more people are switching to private search engines like ours. Privacy is at the front of people’s mind when surfing the web. Search engines that don’t track you are growing in popularity. Try your first search with Search Encrypt today!