Search Encrypt Eliminates The Need to Clear Your History

Your web searches seem private…until they aren’t. If someone needs to borrow your computer, even if it’s just to send an email, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. If you are shopping for a gift, or planning a surprise for a friend, the secret could be ruined if your past searches show up in your history or in suggestions in the search bar. Search Encrypt takes multiple steps to protect its users and keep their web searches hidden.


How Search Encrypt Protects Your Search History

Your search terms don’t show up in your browsing history. 30 minutes after your search, the link expires and clicking on your search results won’t reveal what you searched for.

Search Encrypt Browsing History

Even if someone has access to your computer, your search history won’t reveal what you searched for. You can see below that once your search term expires, it will no longer show your results or keyword. We use AES-256 encryption, along with SSL, to ensure your term stays in its encrypted form.

Expired Search Term

Other search engines that don’t take this precaution leave your searches behind, available for anyone to snoop. Our search tool, on the other hand, offers perfect forward secrecy.

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