Search Encrypt Going Big on Privacy for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). The National Cyber Security Alliance and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security launched NCSAM in 2004 in an effort to give Americans the resources they need to stay safer on the internet.

Popular Topics in Cybersecurity for 2018

The National Cyber Security Alliance is addressing some of the biggest issues in cybersecurity affecting internet users today. Interest in cybersecurity has grown exponentially over the last decade and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month works to spread that awareness even more.

  • Internet Privacy In Homes: Everyone is growing more and more connected, and that connection is reaching further and further into our lives. Seemingly every device in our homes is now connected to the internet. We have smart speakers recording our voices, smart doorbells recording who visits our homes and even connected toys for children.
  • Shortage in Cybersecurity Professionals: Despite the growing awareness in these issues, there is still a massive shortage in cybersecurity professionals. By spreading awareness of this need, more young people will direct their education and career paths towards cybersecurity.
  • Cybersecurity In The Workplace: One aspect of cybersecurity that often gets overlooked is the measures individuals take at work. An enterprise internet system is only as strong as its user with the weakest privacy and security measures. Business owners need to be proactive about making sure everyone in their organization is aware of the current scams and threats targeting businesses. Read More: It’s Everyone’s Job to Ensure Online Safety at Work
  • Securing The Nation’s Infrastructure: Almost all of the major infrastructure systems in the United States run on the internet. It’s essential that these systems stay up and running securely. According to The National Academies Press, “the computing and communications capabilities disrupted in an attack are likely to be recoverable in a relatively short time.” Nonetheless, the implications of losing control of local banking, healthcare or government systems could have serious economic impacts.

“National Cybersecurity Awareness Month isn’t just about understanding the risks, but also emphasizing our collective power to combat them.” -Matt Gorham, assistant director, FBI Cyber Division


StaySafeOnline is recognizing excellence in cyber security with The National Cyber Security Alliance Awards. It is giving out awards for three categories: Cyber Safe Workplace Award, Cyber Secure Community Award, and Breaking Boundaries in Workforce Award. Awards like these will help leaders in cybersec gain recognition and will encourage others to follow their lead in their own cyber security practices.

Search Encrypt Advocates for Privacy and Security on The Internet

Search Encrypt is in the business of making great, easy-to-use privacy products. Our goal is to make privacy accessible to anyone on the internet, not just advanced technical users. At the beginning of this month we launched Privacy Toolkit, the latest addition to our product line. Privacy Toolkit is a complete suite of privacy tools loaded into one. It includes tracker detection and blocking, forced encryption, insecure cookie detection, and privacy scores on the sites you visit.

privacy toolkit by search encrypt

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