Why The Internet Needed the Facebook Data Scandal

Recent news about Cambridge Analytica using Facebook user data brought privacy into the spotlight across the web. The widespread outcry from Facebook’s users (over 2 billion people) is exactly what needed to happen to let people see the serious implications of data privacy.

Advocates for privacy and data security have been outspoken on the issue of tracking and storing user data for years. However, the conversation has always been very general because the tracking is seen on millions of websites and the practice is common. “Tracking is bad” is less likely to spark action than “companies are using your Facebook data to influence your political views.” There are countless hacks that people could refer to when explaining the importance of protecting your information. However, Facebook is something people use every day. The relationship they have with the platform is very intimate, and generally they place trust in Facebook.

People finally have the picture they need to understand how a lack of privacy can impact their everyday lives. The Facebook scandal just brought the image closer to home and into people’s minds.

Like we’ve talked about before, all it takes is one hack or breach into a company like Google, for millions of users to find another solution. Privacy matters, and now people understand why.