Why the Facebook Data Scandal Won’t Happen to Us

After Facebook gave Cambridge Analytica the data of 87 million people, many companies scrambled to make sure their data security and privacy were up to par with industry standards. Data breaches are terrible for business because they harm the company’s image and diminish consumer trust. Most companies assume their security measures are good enough until there is a breach.

Facebook’s issues keep coming, as people dig deeper into the companies privacy measures. Even if the company uses people’s data legally, users can still decide they don’t like certain things the company does with their data. We take a different approach. We don’t track search history in any user identifiable way.

We see personally identifiable information on our network as a huge risk and we want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. The Cambridge Analytica data scandal is a perfect example of the dangers of data falling into the wrong hands, or being used unethically.

How Search Encrypt Protects Your Information

With our private search engine, your searches are encrypted locally (with client-side encryption) and sent to our servers in encrypted form. For another layer of protection, we use expiring encryption keys so after you’re done searching your search history will stay encrypted indefinitely. Our search engine protects you from any network hacks that you experience, and even from other users on your computer. Privacy is our biggest focus and we make sure we deliver that.