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Search Encrypt Adds Privacy-Friendly News Search

We’re constantly improving Search Encrypt to deliver a better experience to our users. You’re going to love the updates we’re launching in the near future.

Privacy-Friendly News Search

Search Encrypt just launched a “News” feature, so you can find the latest news directly on our search engine. You’ll notice the News tab when you search on Search Encrypt. We get our news results from the top news outlets on the internet and return results securely and privately.

When you search for news related stories on the major search engines they use your past searches and browsing to determine which stories and news you see. On our private search engine, the results are neutral and aren’t influenced by your past searches. This is especially important when it comes to news because only seeing news from one source or perspective creates filter bubbles.

Unbiased News Search Engine

While we obviously can’t control the biases of the actual news organizations and stories, we can eliminate a common bias that gets introduced to searches on other search engines. Since we don’t track your search history in any user identifiable way, you will get more complete and neutral look at the top news stories.

Try A Search For The Latest News:

Thanks for reading and following along with Search Encrypt’s blog. We’ll continue to share the latest updates to our private search engine as we make them. The past year has been incredibly exciting and successful for Search Encrypt and we look to continue our growth into 2019 and the future.

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