Search Encrypt

The Best Way To Keep Your Searches Private and Encrypted

Search engines are by far the most widely used and visited websites on the internet. The majority of internet use begins with a search engine. These sites are acting as the gateway to the entire internet, as such they have a huge responsibility to take users to the most useful and accurate sources of information.

Another issue that is affecting nearly every internet user is a lack of privacy on the web. While social media sites and other popular websites present major privacy risks, there are other sites and tools that make your privacy a priority.

If you want to quickly and easily find information on the internet without sacrificing your privacy, Search Encrypt is the perfect tool.

What is Search Encrypt?

Search Encrypt is a private search engine. It uses local encryption and expiring search history to offer perfect forward secrecy. Private search engines generally don’t track your search history or link your searches to a ‘data profile’ about you.

You can search with Search Encrypt directly by visiting, or with our browser extension — try it for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

How Does Search Encrypt Protect Your Search Privacy?

Using Advanced Encryption Techniques

Search Encrypt uses an advanced SSL encryption with added perfect forward secrecy. We also use client side encryption to encrypt your search term locally before sending it to our servers.

We also use industry standard AES-256 encryption to keep your search terms hidden from anyone who may want to snoop on your search results.

Expiring Your Browser History

After you’re done using Search Encrypt, your search history expires.

So…what does this mean? It’s really simple: your search history encryption key expires. This means that if you try to return to your past searches, you won’t be able to because they’re now hidden in encrypted form.

Search Encrypt Features

Expiring Search History

When you’re done searching, your encryption key expires. This means that 30 minutes after your final search, your search history is essentially gone forever.

Client Side Encryption

Search Encrypt uses local encryption with a short lived key to encrypt your search queries before sending them to our servers. This means your search terms won’t appear in your browsing history, because your searches are encrypted locally.

Privacy Friendly Image Search

Private search engines get a bad rap for lacking search features. Search Encrypt offers a number of enhanced search features. We extend the same privacy protections of our web search to our image search.

Privacy Friendly Videos Search

Our video search is recently updated to provide the best experience for users. Rather than watching videos on sites that track you and show up in your history, Search Encrypt lets you search privately and watch videos with privacy protection.

Newly Added News Search

You can keep up with the latest news with Search Encrypt’s news search. You can search for the latest news and we will return the top results from top news sites like BBC News, Fox News and CNN News.

Privacy Friendly Map Search

Another recent addition we’ve made is our private maps search. We noticed that if people wanted a solid map search tool, but didn’t want to sacrifice privacy, there weren’t many options. We chose Open Street Map because it is open source, and allows us to offer a private experience while still delivering a positive and useful experience.