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5 Reasons To Use Search Encrypt’s Private Search Engine

no tracking

Search Encrypt doesn’t track any user-identifiable information for advertising purposes. This means your searches are never linked to your private information or changed based on your search history.

We don’t need your information to provide the best possible search results.

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avoid filter bubbles with a private search engine

Filter bubbles are a result of algorithmic search engines and websites. It refers to the effect of only seeing content that websites determine you will agree with or be interested in.

The result of filter bubbles is polarization of ideas and beliefs. Private search engines don’t use your browsing history to determine which search results to display.

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advanced encrypted search engine

Search Encrypt uses the latest encryption technologies, including a feature known as Perfect Forward Secrecy which goes a step further than traditional SSL by using a unique public key for each individual session. This means that each user receives a unique public key which improves security considerably. We also encrypt search terms locally which helps to protect browser history.

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search encrypt ad free search engine

Because Search Encrypt doesn’t track your identifiable information or your browsing behavior, we don’t serve you ads around the internet after you’ve searched.

This means if you search for a certain product, you won’t then see ads all over for that exact thing.

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encrypted browser history

We use expiring short term encryption keys on your search history. This means that when you are done searching your searches are invisible to everyone, even if they have access to your computer.

If you’re using a public computer, our search engine can help you keep your web behavior confidential. Search Encrypt was created with privacy by design and perfect forward secrecy.

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