How Does RKill Work?

RKill is an antivirus program on Windows that terminates malware and other viruses. You should use RKill along with other antivirus software for removing viruses and malware from you device.

RKill is a simple utility that will stop known malware processes from running on your device. While it will kill the malware from running, it won’t delete viruses, malware, or other malicious programs that may have infected your computer. RKill will remove policies in the registry that hinder your OS’ normal operation. It will also repair file extension hijacks.

RKill is a more advanced method of protecting your device from malware. It doesn’t have a GUI so users must run it from Command Line. This may turn off users who aren’t familiar with using this part of their computer’s operating system. RKill offers high-level malware protection in a very simple, lightweight package. It often gets rid of computer issues that other anti-virus programs miss. Although, RKill is only effective against known malware threats.

After running the program, RKill includes a log file that lists all the processes that it found and terminated. Using RKill alone is not an effective method to securing your computer, but it is a very useful part of a more complete security toolkit.

Is RKill Safe?

Yes. RKill is safe. The authentic version of rkill.exe is a reputable anti-malware tool created by Bleeping Computer. Bleeping Computer is a well-known resource for computer security. It provides detailed guides to removing spyware, malware and viruses from your devices.

However, beware of malware that may camouflage itself as rkill.exe. Downloading a version of RKill from its creator, Bleeping Computer is your best bet.

How to Use RKill

  1. Download a version of RKill from a trusted, reliable source.
  2. Run the rkill.exe file. You should then see a command window pop up. This means RKill is running and killing malicious functions on your machine.RKill-Command-Window
  3. When the program has finished running, you will see a window like this. Our system was clean, so the process was very quick and simple. If you’re system is infected the message will include which functions were stopped.RKill-Finish-Window
  4. Now that the malware processes have been killed, you can run your other anti-virus or security software to remove other viruses. Since RKill doesn’t delete any files or programs, you shouldn’t restart your computer after it runs. Restarting your computer could just restart any malicious programs that are designed to run on startup.

Use RKill To Get Rid of Trojan Viruses

If you think your computer may have been infected with a trojan virus, RKill can be an effective tool for killing its processes from running. After running RKill, a traditional anti-virus program should be able to get rid of any other threats.

Which Operating Systems Does RKill Support?

RKill only supports Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. You can run rkill.exe on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

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