Search Encrypt Explains How to Delete Your Google History

If you use Google as your main search engine, Google collects information about you and your web behavior.. This information can then be used by advertisers and businesses— and could actually be costing you money! Visit My Activity to see exactly what information Google has about you. The heap of information Google has will probably surprise you. Your Google history includes location information acquired with maps, contact info from Gmail, and browsing behavior.

How to Delete Your Google History

  • Select “Delete activity by”
  • Choose the topic or date range you want to delete.
  • Click “DELETE”

Now that you’ve deleted your information from Google, you should switch to a private search engine that doesn’t track you.

Why Should You Delete Your Google History?

Our main focus is to allow you to browse the web privately, in turn eliminating opportunities for your information to be leaked or hacked. This gives users peace of mind and confidence, in knowing that their information is safe. We believe it is in the user’s best interest to have as little information on the web as possible–because more data and personalization doesn’t always lead to a better user experience.

By deleting information off the web and choosing services that don’t need your information to offer positive experiences, you are helping make privacy the norm. By challenging services that aren’t privacy based, it encourages these industry leaders to shift their practices to minimize consumer risk.

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    1. When you search, there are ads that appear above your search results. We make money whenever a user clicks an ad. However, unlike other online advertisers, we don’t use your past browsing or search history to determine which ads you see. Your ads are based solely on your search term, and are privacy-friendly.

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