A Guide To Finding The Best Internet Proxy

With the wide use of the internet that we have on a day to day basis, it is more important than ever to safeguard ourselves while surfing online and while giving out our personal information. There is a wide potential for misuse when it comes to information online, especially when that information contains sensitive data. The rising trend of internet surveillance has made the entire browsing process even more unsafe than what it previously was. More and more people are trying to figure out ways to compromise systems and cause havoc across the web.

With the numerous threats that people face, it is incredibly important to take steps to safeguard your data. Using software and other tools that protect your information and keep attacks to a minimum is important. One method of safeguarding yourself online and staying protected is by using a proxy. This simple tool can ensure that your information is protected and that you are kept safe from numerous types of attacks.

What Is A Proxy?

A proxy or a proxy server is a medium through which information is passed from one computer to a server or another computer. The proxy server acts as a central hub for all internet requests to pass through. This proxy server is usually another computer that is located away from the point of origin. When a person connects to a server, there are a number of requests that are sent from the person’s end to the server that they are trying to access. When a proxy is implemented, the requests that a person sends to the server are first sent to the computer that hosts the proxy server. The proxy server functions as a kind of intermediary step between the person and the end server.

When the end server receives the request, they will see it coming from the proxy server, and not from the person who originally sent in the request. This means that the identity and the IP address of the person who is sending the request are completely hidden and away from prying eyes. All that someone would see if they were monitoring the server traffic would be the requests from the proxy and not from your actual location.

What Is A Proxy Used For?

One of the first things that a proxy can help you with is anonymity. Often, individuals who are surfing online don’t want their information to be made public, or don’t want a particular site that they are accessing to be able to get their information. In these situations, concealing one’s identity is important, and is easy with a proxy. When a person surfs the internet through a proxy, the rest of the world will not be able to see the IP address of the person, and will not be able to receive any kind of information of the person. This means that individuals can surf while being completely anonymous, and in turn, safer, on the internet.

Another reason to use a proxy when browsing the internet is to get through any kind of restrictions that have been placed on your computer or your network. One example of this is University Campuses. Universities often impose a certain amount of restrictions on students who are using their computers or their WiFi to access certain sites. These restrictions can easily be maneuvered around through the use of a proxy server. When an individual decides to access one of these restricted sites through a proxy, the server receiving the request will only see the proxy server and not the original location.

Often times, this can be used the other way around to impose a certain amount of restrictions. Organizations and companies often implement proxy servers to be able to limit the kind of websites that their employees are allowed to access the workplace. This also lets them monitor the internet activity of those using these websites and enables them to have a better grasp of the operations within their organizations.

The third use for proxies is for the purpose of downloading and uploading content. Often, individuals have a certain amount of restrictions on the content that they can download and upload. These can sometimes come in the way of important tasks that individuals need to carry out. In these instances, the best course of action is to make use of a proxy server. This simple solution can enable you to download and upload with absolute ease, and without any hurdles.

How To Proxies Keep Your Browsing Private?

With the advancements in technology, very few people actually stop to consider the workings and intricacies behind commonly used software options and tools for better security. If you are planning to use a proxy server while using the internet, it is important to understand the intricacies behind this process and the method in which this works. This can help you understand the steps that you need to implement, and the reasons why a proxy server is one of the best things to invest in.

Whenever a person uses the internet on a device that can access it, that device is given a specific Internet Protocol Address or IP Address as it is more commonly referred to as. The IP Adress functions in the same manner as your street address. It is a location at which other sites and servers know they can send information to, particularly, the information that you are on the lookout for. Whenever there is a certain amount of information being sent, it is always sent to your computer because of the unique IP address that it has to its name.

A Proxy server is one that also functions in a similar manner. It is also a computer that has its own unique IP Adress at which it is able to receive data. The important point about this is that the proxy server only knows your IP Adress, and never gives that information out to other sites that you are trying to access. Because of the manner in which it functions, a proxy server is making a request to a site on your behalf, and you receive the information from that site through the proxy server. In short, the proxy server operates as a middle man between you and the website that you are looking to access.

A proxy server can do a lot more than just provide anonymity to those who are browsing the internet through it. If there are certain sites that need to be blocked, a proxy can ensure that certain IP addresses don’t have access to these particular sites. In other words, a proxy server can perform the task of providing access as well as restricting it.

Top 10 Best Internet Proxies

There is no doubt that implementing an Internet Proxy while you browse the internet and access data is important and something that can provide you some benefit. Protecting one’s information online has become more important than ever, and an internet proxy is a good tool to carry that out. If you are thinking of using an Internet Proxy, being familiar with some of the top options on the market is important. Below, we have listed the top ten internets proxies that people have been using across the world, and which have proven to be incredibly efficient for all that an internet proxy does:

1. Hide.Me

Hide Me is considered to be one of the best internet proxies on the internet and is used by people all over the world. The platform rose to popularity for being a good VPN provider, and then divulged into offering free proxy services to augment the VPN services that they provided. The servers of the company are located in the United States, The Netherlands, and Germany.

Visit Hide.Me

2. 11Proxy

11Proxy has recently been growing in popularity and is known for its ability to let users easily access geo-blocked content that is not available to users in the United States. The company currently only has one server which is located within the United States itself.

Visit 11Proxy


Whoer is a brilliant option for those who want to browse the internet through proxies that are located in different locations across the world. The company is known for its vast array of locations and has a number of host servers that are located in Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow, Stockholm, London, and Dallas. They also have a unique feature that lets a person browse through a random location, and switch it up on a regular basis.

Visit Whoer

4. NewIPNow

NewIPNow is quickly growing to become one of the more prominent options for those who are looking for a server that mainly operates within the United States. The company is known for its wide range of servers within the country itself and is known for having nine servers in America and two in Canada.

Visit NewIPNow

5. ProxySite

One of the bigger uses of proxy servers is to be able to get better speeds to certain locations. ProxySite is one company that mainly focuses on offering the best speeds to servers across the globe. The company has 11 servers within the United States and 10 in Europe to provide a comprehensive list of servers to choose from.

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6. KProxy

KProxy is one of the oldest and most trusted options for those who need a reliable proxy. The first iteration of the software was released in 2005 and since then has experienced tremendous changes to become the powerhouse that it is today. The software also offers Chrome and Firefox extensions to ensure that it is easier to turn on the proxy whenever you need it and turn it off when you don’t.

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7. BlewPass

BlewPass might not have the widest range of servers, but what they do have is good servers that offer high speeds. The company has four main servers located across the globe through which one can easily browse restricted content. The company lets you choose the location of the server you connect to, making this even more efficient than most other options on the market.

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8. FilterBypass

FilterBypass is one of the most secure options on this list because of the wide range of customization tools that it offers. This software is particularly beneficial to those who are familiar with networking and server related activities and want to customize the options that are prevalent on the proxy. The wide range of features just adds to the overall appeal of this particular proxy server provider.

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9. Xroxy

If you are on the lookout for a service provider that can offer you an incredibly wide range of servers to choose from Xroxy is one of the best options to go in for. The service provider offers an incredible one hundred different servers to choose from, all of which are located within the United States. This means that you can easily change up the server that you are using without having to worry about your speeds dropping considerably.

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10. DontFilter

Dontfilter is one of the best options for those who are using a proxy server for the first time and aren’t too sure of the manner in which they should operate. This is one of the most user-friendly options on the market, making it perfect for first-time users and also for those who want a hassle-free proxy. If you are on the lookout for a simple, yet efficient service provider, this is one of the best options to go in for.

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